Are my favorite dishes toxic? I hope not! I’m doing my homework!

Are my favorite dishes toxic?

I am not making any claims about any of these favorite dishes because I don’t know the definite answer. I am only doing my homework and I encourage you to do your homework as well. This topic first came on my radar because my mom had read about it.

There is a lady who has done a lot of research on lead, cadmium, and other chemical levels in dishes. You can find her website here

I’m not a scientist and I’ve never done any testing on any of these products and make my favorite dishes , but you can bet I’ll be looking into this!

Also read out How to Make Old-Fashioned Cake Doughnuts.

For specific articles of interest, go here:

I was confused about the melamine recall years ago. It wasn’t dishes that were recalled, but rather foods that were tainted with melamine, HOWEVER there is a possibility that melamine can leach into foods when melamine dishes and cookware are used incorrectly.

For past issues with dish and cookware safety, see the following:

Here are some dishes and cookware choices I KNOW are safe:

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