Food Shortages ahead of Christmas 2022? Are you seeing empty shelves? Are you prepared?

Food Shortages ahead of Christmas 2022

Food Shortage of 2022

We’re seeing lots of food shortages around here. Supply chain issues? Why is this happening? No one is unable to stock their pantries, but if you expect to get all the things you might typically buy this time of year, think again. In all likelihood, you’re going to run into some items that just are unavailable. There may not be completely empty shelves where you live, but you’ll definitely see some empty spots where some of your favorites used to be.

Add to that the ominous messaging from the White House that half of this country is, “looking at a winter of severe illness and death.”

I just want folks to be prepared. Are you? What kind of shortages are you seeing in your area? Comment below. I’ll be back to posting recipes tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure y’all are thinking about this if you’re not already.

For daily shortage reports, be sure and watch Poplar Preparedness. The host reports regularly on viewer comments around the world of food shortages they’re seeing in their areas.

Also check out  Food shortages + inflation means time may be running out!


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Jeff Zients comments from the White House 12/17/21 –

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