The IDEAL bed for raised bed gardening

If you’re going to be doing raised bed gardening, there are a lot of things you need to consider:

  • Is the bed deep enough?
  • Is it sturdy?
  • Does it look good?
  • Can you put it together yourself?

I have a few raised beds made of wood, and I love them, but it can be kind of a pain, or for some people, impossible, to get the wood from the hardware store, bring it home, cut to length, assemble it, and get it in place.

A metal bed for raised bed gardening seemed like a great idea, but I have had a bad experience with a metal raised garden bed, so I was skeptical when I was first approached by Vegega to review one of their products.

Nevertheless, I went into it with an open mind. Even once the box had arrived, I could tell it was different than the other one I had. It was HEAVY. In this video, I show you the 9 possible configurations for this bed from the garden bed’s instructions, how I chose to assemble it, how I filled it with cardboard, compost from my own garden, collard leaves, garden soil, and covered with a layer of straw mulch before adding plants.

I am definitely going to want more of these for my own raised bed gardening. No wood to haul home from the hardware store. MUCH taller than my regular raised beds (which I do love, because my son built them for me). MUCH sturdier than other metal raised beds I’ve seen (and used!).

I like these so much I signed up to become an affiliate so I can offer you a discount code to order one for yourself.

Go here to check out the beds they have.

If you decide to buy something, here’s a coupon code that will get you 10% off your order: OTKGARDEN

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The IDEAL bed for raised bed gardening 2
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